To find out more about God and how to know Him and understand His love for you watch this brief video that will hopefully answer any questions you may have. 


HOW DO iBelieve?
God loves you so much and He created you with a purpose and an incredible plan for your life. No matter what your story is, or how far you may feel you are from God, He’s never lost sight of you or forgotten about you. With God, there’s forgiveness from your past, strength for your life today, and hope for what’s ahead tomorrow.

If you want to connect with God, we invite you to BELIEVE!


Father, in Jesus Name, I thank You for Your awesome plan. Thanks for sending Jesus to die on a cross for me and to rise again. And I ask You Father, in Jesus Name, forgive me of my sin, cleanse me and make me new. Come live inside of me and give me the strength to live for You. In Jesus Name, Amen.


If you just made a decision to say iBelieve in Jesus or you rededicated your life back to God, we want you to know how excited we are for you and we'd love to hear about your decision! We are so happy for you and Wii BELIEVE that this is just the start of the great things God has for your life!


iBelieve! Please let us know about your decision by completing the form below so we can help you take your next steps: ( Place"iBelieve" in the subject area)

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